Learn more about making a payment later, paying a bill by bank, saving an invoice as ‘draft’, saving an invoice as ‘outstanding’.

When for example an invoice will be paid afterward, you can save the invoice as ‘outstanding’ or as 'draft'. On this page, we will show you how that works.


Saving an invoice as Draft

A concept invoice is not yet given an invoice number or to be included in the reports. If you want to save the invoice as a draft, do this in the first window of the Checkout.

Under the Register >> Invoices tab, you can find an overview of draft invoices.


How do you settle an invoice bill?

Behind the invoice status (in this case concept) you'll see a pencil icon to edit the invoice. Then go through the menu, click on ‘Checkout’. Choose the payment method and complete the invoice. Now, the invoice will receive an invoice number and it will be included in the reports.


How to save an invoice as Outstanding?

Please note: the invoice date is of great importance within Salonized reporting. If you save an invoice as ‘outstanding’, this amount is already included in the reports as revenue. If you do not want this, save the invoice as a draft (see above).

If an invoice is paid later, you can save an invoice as outstanding. All outstanding invoices can be found via the Register >> Invoices tab.

• First, select an item in the Cash Register to create an invoice

• Select an employee and, if necessary, a client

• Click at the bottom on the green button ‘Checkout’

• Do not select a payment method, but click on the yellow button ‘save as outstanding’

If the outstanding invoice is being paid, find the matching invoice and click on ‘edit' (pencil icon). Select a payment method and complete the invoice.

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