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Using your own registered domain name for the mini website.

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Don't you have a website yet, or is yours outdated? We offer the "Mini Website" that you can use for free!

The Mini Website is created within a few minutes and functions as a channel where your customers can easily make online appointments. The site works on all devices, that means the booking widget is also "mobile responsive". 

If you want to use Salonized's mini website, you'll get your own domain name. This basically is [yoursalonname]

You can view it directly via settings -> Micro-site.


Can you use your own registered domain name for the 

mini website?

Yes, you can link your own domain name to the mini website. What will be different?

For example, if I would use the Salonized mini website without my own domain name, my website url is If I connect the mini website to my own domain name, my website url could be

Before you can connect your own domain to your mini website, you first need to register one. You can do this at eg or


Link your domain name

To link the domain name to Salonized you don't need a webhosting package, we all arrange this for you. A registration or e-mail package therefore often suffices.

After you registered your domain name, you must log in to the registration panel for some technical tasks. Because each provider is different, we try to describe it below in general. If you need help with this, we advise you to contact your own provider.

  1. Go to DNS management. Here you'll get a list of all variations on your domain name and the addresses of the servers to which this should be linked

  2. If a record called "www" already exists, you have to modify or delete it. If it is not listed then you must add a new record

  3. The type of record you need is called a "CNAME". Enter "www" in the "domain name" or "subdomain" field

  4. You can enter as a server address

  5. Changing the DNS can take a while. Often this is done within 30 minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours.

    Do you need help with connecting your own domain name? You can contact your hosting party or send us a message.

Attention !

Due to a temporary technical problem, linking a domain name with the mini website might not always work optimally. Because of this, a notification might show up saying that the connection is unsafe.

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