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Link Mollie online payment to Salonized
Link Mollie online payment to Salonized

Here you can read how to enable Mollie, link it to Salonized and accept online payments with Mollie.

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Mollie allows that online bookings can be paid in advance or afterwards with iDeal, BanContact, PayPal or Credit Card. You can enable this feature optionally or required in the booking widget. Invoices that you save as outstanding and send to the customer can be paid by the customer with a payment link. Mollie charges €0.29 cents per transaction for accepting iDEAL transactions.

Linking Mollie to Salonized

To accept online payments you need to have a Mollie account. Mollie is one of the most reliable and largest parties in the Benelux that processes online payments and ensures that you receive the payments.

Step 1: Create your own Mollie account

You can easily create your own Mollie account. Registering with Mollie is free, you only pay a small fee for each transaction.

Step 2: Correctly set up your Mollie account

First thing you do is going through the steps to activate your Mollie account. In the first screen you enter the company details. In the second screen you select which payment methods you want to accept and some other options. If you took the steps Mollie will check your website.

How long does the registration procedure at Mollie take?

Creating an account takes a few minutes. A number of details must be entered, including your company details and the details of your website. Mollie will check your website within one working day. If everything is in order, your account will be activated immediately so that you are able to receive online payments.

The right settings

In Mollie you go to Settings in the left menu bar. Then go to Bank Accounts. You can register multiple bank accounts here, but only one will be used for payouts. This must be a business bank account.

Then go to Payouts in the menu and choose a bank account to receive payouts. Please note that payments are only made when the minimum payout amount of € 5 has been reached. You can adjust this amount.

Step 3: Link your Mollie account to Salonized
Before we can accept payments for you, you must link your Salonized account with your Mollie account. You do this on the Salonized integration page.

After you click on enable you will see the following screen. Enter your Mollie login details there.

The link between Salonized and Mollie is now activated. Before we can accept payments for you, your Mollie account must be verified. You will receive an email from us when the integration is successful.

Step 4: Accept online payments

As soon as your Mollie account has been verified, you can activate the online payment options in Salonized.

  1. To do this, go to Info (icon at the bottom left) > Promote > Online booking settings

  2. At the bottom of this page, select whether customers can pay online optionally or if it's required when booking an appointment.

  3. Also determine whether you want to pass on the transaction fee that Mollie charges (29 euro cents per transaction) to your customers. Leave the field blank if you don't want this, or enter the amount you want to calculate for online payments.

4. Go to Settings > Sales > Invoices if you want to enable to send a payment link in the e-mail invoice if an amount is open. This allows you to save an invoice as outstanding and send it by e-mail to the customer, so that the customer can pay with iDEAL.

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