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Is my data stored securely?
Is my data stored securely?

Security and privacy are very important to us. You can read more about it here.

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Security and privacy are very important to us. We therefore also use an SSL certificate between client and Salonized to send data securely.

If you work with Salonized, you can rest assured that your data is safe. Both during and after use. During use, you are always assured of a secure web session due to the HTTPS environment. As soon as you see that symbol in your web browser, you are assured that the information you share is secure.

Our databases are shielded from the usual internet and only our application can access them. To prevent data loss in extreme situations, data is continuously backed up throughout the day.

What happens if my computer crashes?

All your data is safely stored in the cloud and is therefore no longer stored on your computer. It's very safe, so in case of theft, you don't have to worry about people having access to your data. Although it is not necessary to back up your data, you can do so very easily via settings > data export.


We will never access your data without permission and will never use or share your data for anything. The only thing we have less influence in is choosing a secure password. Most hackers gain access to an account because a user uses an easy password.

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