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Time zone in e-mail communication
Time zone in e-mail communication

Avoid miscommunication in the automatic messages. Read how to disable or change the time zone priority (ICS)

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If there has been a general update on a specific device, it sometimes happens that customers see an automatically generated calendar file at the top of their appointment confirmation. This is generated by the e-mail based on the date. This file is synchronised with the system time of the device. If the time on the device is not set correctly, this will also be reflected in this calendar (ICS) file.

You can disable or change this in the settings of the device.

On Apple: go to Settings > Calendar (app) > Time zone priority > disable:

On Android: open the Clock app on your device > tap More (3 dots) > Settings:

  • You can set your default time zone by tapping Own time zone.

  • If you want to update your time zone automatically, tap Change date and time

The problem mainly occurs with Gmail/Google accounts. In this case you need to go to your Google Calendar and follow these steps:

Settings (cog icon) > Under time zone, click on primary time zone and set the correct one. For the Netherlands this is (GMT+02:00) Central European Time - Amsterdam

Setting time zone automatically

  • To update your time zone based on your location, tap Change date and time > Set time zone automatically > Use location to set time zone.

  • To add a clock for home when you travel to another time zone, tap Auto clock for home.

What is an ICS file?

An ICS file (Internet Calendar Scheduling) is a calendar file stored in a universal calendar format used by several e-mail and calendar applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Notes and Apple Calendar. It allows users to publish or share the calendar information in e-mails or on the Internet.

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