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Troubleshooting tips for 2-Factor Authentication
Troubleshooting tips for 2-Factor Authentication

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions about 2-factor authentication.

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In this article you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the 2-factor authentication.

Remember that the 2-factor authentication is an important feature to add an extra layer of security when logging in to your account.

If you need help configuring it in your account, you can click here.

How do I switch between SMS and an authenticator app for 2-factor authentication?

  • Go to 'Edit profile' in your account:

  • Click on 'Disable' in the '2-factor authentication' area:

  • After disabling it, you should enable the 2-factor authentication again and choose the new method:

I got a new mobile device, but still have the same phone number. Will I continue to receive verification codes on the new device?

If you lost or replaced your device, you can still receive verification codes via SMS on the same number.

If you use Google Authenticator as your primary 2-factor authentication method, you can transfer your current configuration to your new phone.

I’m not receiving verification codes via SMS. What should I do?

First, make sure your are entering your phone number correctly, with the correct land code.

In some cases, rarely, it may take a few minutes for the code to arrive.

It’s also possible that your mobile provider is blocking the verification code text message. Please contact your mobile provider to confirm that SMS is enabled for your mobile account.

Should we add as well that it sometimes might take 5 min? Because you had that as well last week.

How can I confirm which authenticator app I used to set up 2-factor authentication?

We recommend to use Google Authenticator, but if you don't remember which authenticator app you chose, first you can check on your device to see if any security apps are installed, and open them to check if Salonized had been previously connected.

If you're not sure what to look for, here are some commonly used authenticator apps:

  • Google Authenticator

  • Microsoft Authenticator

  • Duo Mobile

  • LastPass

My verification code is not working. What should I do?

Make sure that the code you added was the correct one, double check if there's no typo.

If you choose the authenticator app as the authentication method, take in consideration that the code renews after a few seconds. Make it sure that you are adding the right one.

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