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Appointment reminders by SMS
Appointment reminders by SMS

Read here all about the SMS function and how to set it up.

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In addition to sending an e-mail, you can also send a text message to your customers as a reminder of the planned appointment.

Where do I set the SMS reminder?

Go to Settings > Calendar settings > Calendar

In the settings you can determine how many hours in advance the SMS will be sent to your customers.

What does an SMS reminder look like?

Go to Settings > Company > Communication

Here you can manage and adjust all automatic messages sent to your customers. For instance:

Where do I buy SMS credits?

Go to Settings > Sms Credits > Buy Sms Credits

The cost per credit depends on the amount of credits that you purchase. Every SMS message is always 1 credit. A long SMS sometimes costs several credits. The purchased credits never expire.

An invoice is created automatically when buying credits. The credits are credited immediately.

Please be aware: to be able to purchase SMS credits you must first have a subscription.

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