In addition to sending an e-mail, you can also send a text message to your customers as a reminder of the planned appointment.

Where do I set the SMS reminder?

Go to Admin > Appointments > Agenda and appointment settings

In the settings you can determine how many hours in advance the SMS will be sent to your customers.

What does an SMS reminder look like?

Go to Admin > Company > Communication

Here you can manage and adjust all automatic messages sent to your customers. For instance:

Where do I buy SMS credits?

Go to Admin > Sms Credits > Buy Sms Credits

The cost per credit depends on the amount of credits that you purchase. Every SMS message is always 1 credit. A long SMS sometimes costs several credits. The purchased credits never expire.

An invoice is created automatically when buying credits. The credits are credited immediately.

Please be aware: to be able to purchase SMS credits you must first open a subscription.

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