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Resources: adding a room or tool
Resources: adding a room or tool

Learn how to add rooms and tools to your Salonized account via the resources page.

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In some cases, it could happen that you have more employees than treatment rooms. Or perhaps you need specific tools for a service, but you only have one available per time slot.

Example: you have 3 employees that are qualified to offer manicures. It might happen that they are all available at the same time for bookings, but you only have one manicure table at the salon. In this case, you should only be able to make one manicure appointment at a specific time, not 3.

Besides this common situation, there are other possibilities when using resources:

  • DUO treatment: plan appointments for a service that has to be performed by 2 or more employees.

  • Connect rooms and tools to services: avoid double bookings by connecting the availability of the rooms and tools to your different services.

  • Make a service bookable on specific days: let certain services be booked on a certain day or within a certain period of time (e.g. only in the evening, or only during the daytime).

You can create resources at any moment in your Salonized account.

In your resources settings page, click on “New resource” to easily add tools and rooms.

Via the “New resource” button you can create an extra resource, choosing between “Room” or “Tool”.

Besides that, you can already allow this resource to be bookable online and if you want to manage its timetable manually you can set the opening times for this resource in the timetable. If you leave the check mark unchecked, it will use the opening hours of the company.

In this same screen, you can choose the categories and services that this resource will be linked to.

Do you not see the relevant service listed? Then you will first need to create a new service before it appears on the list. You can read how that works in this link.

Cost of resources

We charge £4,50 (appointments package) or £6,50 (basic package) per month for every additional resource (room/tool) on top of the amount of your subscription. In our Pro package the resources are free of charge!

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