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Recurring absences and chores
Recurring absences and chores

Create absences or chores that repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and manage the whole series of such events at a time.

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The Recurring Absences feature helps you book a series of repeating absences on your calendar. On this page you'll learn how to book a repeating absence like a daily break, monthly meeting or other event, and how to easily drag and drop those events in your calendar.

One click, many events

Avoid having to manage manually break by break for each repetition. The recurring feature is a time saver and also helps you organise your work more effectively. You can modify or delete the absences in a series just like you do with the one-time absences. 

How to create a recurring event?

  1. Go to Calendar and schedule an absence or task as usual by going to the desired date and clicking on your time

  2. Select the staff member

  3. Where it says repeat "All day"; click on that button to enable the ability to create a repeating event

  4. Choose how often you want your event to repeat: Daily, weekly, monthly..

  5. You can even have it repeat on certain days of the week

  6. Choose the recurrence interval, for example when you select "weekly recurring" the recurring interval could be "every 6 weeks"

7. Choose your end date or set the number of times you want it to repeat.
8. Click save

Recurrence patterns

You can choose from the following recurrence patterns:

  1. Daily

  2. Weekly on day x (i.e.: weekly on Friday)

  3. Weekly on selected days (i.e. weekly on Wednesday and Friday)

  4. Monthly on a certain date (i.e. monthly on the 27th

  5. Monthly on a certain day of the week (i.e. montly on the 3rd Saturday)

plus the right recurrence interval (every week, every two weeks, every three weeks, etc.)

Repeat until

Ends: You can end a repeating appointment in three ways:
a) Never (no end date: repeat forever)
b) By mentioning a specific end date: Select a date from the calendar on which the series ends
c) By entering maximum number of occurrences: Enter a number after which, event should end. For example, if you enter 4, the series of recurring events will end after 4 occurrences. 

Modify a recurring event

Easily drag&drop recurring events when you want to move it to another day or time. Every time you make changes to a recurring event, it will ask you if the changes must apply to only this event, or to all future.

We are currently working on repeating appointments, coming up soon! ✨

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