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Reschedule appointments online

Do you want to give your customers the opportunity to reschedule an appointment online? In this article you can read how it works.

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Customers can reschedule their own appointment to another time via a link that is included in the appointment confirmation. By default, this setting is not enabled, so if you want to make this available for your customers, you can enable this setting. On this page you can read how to enable it and how online rescheduling works.

How to enable online rescheduling

The option "reschedule appointments online" can be found via the User Settings > Calendar settings.

After activating this option, you can set how many hours in advance an appointment can still be rescheduled online by the customer.

For example, if you choose the option "1 hour", it means that the customer can reschedule the appointment online at least one hour in advance. If the customer tries to re-schedule in less than an hour of the appointment, the customer will be notified that the appointment can no longer be rescheduled.

When you enable the option, you will see a warning in yellow that the variable {{reschedule_link}} is missing in your appointment confirmation email.

You need to add this variable to your email templates. You can also add this variable to other emails, such as the 'appointment reminder' or the 'appointment moved' email. 

You can do this on the "Communication" page.

How does online rescheduling work for your customer?

As you can see shown above, the e-mail now contains a link for rescheduling the appointment online.

When the customer clicks on this link, he or she will see the following screen:

Here the customer can choose a different date and/or time.

As soon as the customer clicks "Submit", the appointment in your calendar will be moved. The customer will then receive a confirmation by e-mail. We will also send you an email to notify you about the rescheduled appointment.

In the appointment details screen - the screen that you see when you click on a appointment in the calendar - you can see the change as well:

Similarly, you can see this on your Dashboard at "Activity":

Rules for rescheduling online

  • In the Calendar and Appointment settings, you can indicate the minimum time upfront that the client can still reschedule the appointment online.

  • The appointment that the customer wants to reschedule, must be in the future

  • When the customer is rescheduling the appointment online, the availability of the employee who is currently linked to the appointment is checked; the customer cannot move an appointment to another employee.

Do you have any questions about this feature? Please contact our support team via the chat at the bottom right.

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