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Requesting deposits for online bookings
Requesting deposits for online bookings

Find out how you can ask for deposits when your clients book an appointment online.

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If you are allowing customers to book appointments online via your website, you can ask for a deposit. This means you can request deposits for online bookings rather than for the full amount. It's up to you if you'd like to charge this deposit for each customer or only for new customers. 

1. Enabling deposits for online bookings

In order to accept online payments, you must first enable the integration for online payments (Mollie).  

You can enable this on the Integration page in Salonized via settings > integrations.

After your integration has been set up, head to Settings > Online bookings, then scroll down to the Online payments section.

Click on Enable online payments or deposits and choose your preferred option: 

  • Full payment optional

  • Deposit required

  • Full payment required

To add deposits, select the second option: Deposit required

2. Online deposit settings

Next, you can choose whether this deposit has to be paid in advance by all customers or only by new customers. We determine whether someone is a new customer based on the following criteria:

  • There are no appointments in the past for this customer in your agenda, OR there is an appointment in the past, but it is marked as no-show.

  • The customer is identified on the basis of the email address used for the online booking.

Next, you need to indicate the deposit percentage of the service price to be paid online. Add your chosen percentage in the relevant field. 

The deposit option will calculate a percentage of the total price at the time of booking. So if you choose 15% and the total cost is €60, then your clients will need to pay €9 to complete the online booking. 

Next, you can indicate whether you want to charge a transaction fee or not. Transaction fees will be added to the amount of the deposit.

Now that you’re ready to collect deposits, what will your clients see? They will go through the booking process as usual, but instead of a full payment being requested, they will only be asked to pay for the deposit.

15% deposit + €0,15 transaction fee = €8,40 

Once the payment of the deposit is completed successfully, the customer will receive an appointment confirmation and an invoice by email.

3. Invoicing

After the booking is completed, the appointment is confirmed and a partially-paid invoice is created in Salonized. Later on when the client arrives for their appointment, you can apply a manual payment to the invoice so that the client only pays the difference.

You do this as follows:

  • Click on the appointment in the calendar

  • On the right you will see a linked invoice, this invoice contains the online deposit payment

  • Click on the "Checkout" button and add a payment method for the remaining amount

  • Complete the invoice via the Salonized cash register area as per usual

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