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Online gift card widget explained
Online gift card widget explained

Sell ​​gift cards online through an online gift card widget on your website. In this article you can read how this works.

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Add a gift card module to your website. With this widget, your customers can buy a gift card in 3 steps. They pick the amount, fill in their personal details and pay online. The gift card will be e-mailed to the customers.

❗️Note: before you can use the online gift card widget, you need to enable the integration with Mollie via the integrations settings page.

1. Adding the gift card widget to your website

There are two ways to add the gift card widget to your website:

  • Option 1: the gift card widget will be opened by pushing a button,  which is visible on every page. For example at the bottom right or left. 

  • Option 2: you can add an inline version of the gift card (opened on the page) to a specific page on your website. 

2. How the widget works

Once the customer lands on your website and click on the on the gift card widget, they can buy a gift card within a few easy steps: 

  • Step 1: The customer chooses a value. The values that can be selected are set by default and are: €10,- €25,- €50,- €75,- €100,- and €150,- euro. Below we'll explain how you can change the value of the gift cards.

  • Step 2: The customer provides the personal details such as name, email address and phone number. Would you also like to ask for address details? Settings of the online appointment widget for address details are translated to this widget as well, even if you don't use the online appointments yourself. Once they agree with the terms and conditions they click on the 'Pay now' button.

  • Step 3: The customer sees an overview of the purchase before checkout - do you want to charge transaction costs? This widget takes over the settings of the online appointment widget for transaction costs, even if you don't use online payments yourself.

  • Step 4: The customer pays the gift card online. 

For you as a salon, the following happens in Salonized once the payment is successful: 

  • Salonized creates an invoice for the gift card sold online 

  • Salonized creates a gift card with a unique number

  • (This gift card technically never expires in the system, but you can set a fixed expiration date for online sold gift cards.)

  • Salonized will send you an email with a confirmation that an online gift voucher has been sold, with details of the voucher

For the customer, this is what happens after purchasing a gift card:

  • Once the payment is successful, the customer will receive an email with the gift card and details (such as the value and the gift card number) 

  • The customer also receives an email containing the invoice for the online payment

In your Salonized account you will find the (online) sold gift card section by going to the cash register in Salonized. There you go to 'Gift cards' and next you filter on "online" at the top left of the gift card page.

3. Gift card settings

If you go to settings > Promote > Gift card widget you will be able to adjust some settings for the gift card widget. These are some of the settings you can adjust:

  • Adding an expiration date: the default setting is no expiration date. If you do want to add an expiration date you can enable this setting.

  • The value of the gift card: decide the value of the gift cards you want to sell.
    You can edit, add and delete the prices of the giftcards. 

  • Adding a personal message: your customers will get to see to see this message after completing the online purchase.

  • The image of your gift card: upload an image of your own gift card. We will show this in the email that your customer receives when purchasing a gift card. If you don't add your own image, we will pick one of our standard images.

Do you have any questions about this? Please let us know. 

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