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Online booking widget - explained
Online booking widget - explained

Learn more about one of the most important features of our software: the online booking widget

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  1. What is the booking widget?

  2. Booking appointments - customer perspective

  3. What's next?

1. What is the booking widget?

It is the tool through which your customers can book an appointment online via your website or social media, for example. The booking widget gives customers the opportunity to book an appointment at your salon for one of the services that you've made online bookable at a time of their choice (based on your previously filled in availability). It is in the shape of a button on your website, visible on every page.

Get a first impression of our booking widget by looking at the screenshots below. Click on the image to enlarge it.

⚙️ To read about the online booking settings that you can modify in your account, please click here.

2. Booking appointments - customer perspective

The online booking widget is a button on your website, which is visible on every page. This makes it even easier for your customers to book an appointment since they can book from anywhere on your website. Once you click on that button the booking widget will appear.

There are different options for how this page can look. You can choose to:

  • Add descriptions to the services

  • Show the duration and/or prices of your services

  • Add a custom note

  • Offer an employee selection (if applicable)

You can see the booking widget budget in the bottom-right corner:

As soon as you click on the Book appointment button, the widget will expand.

The customer can select one or multiple services - that depends on your settings. You can change these settings here.

As soon as the customer has selected a service, the button Choose time appears.

For the next step, where the customer chooses a date and time for the appointment, it's possible for the customer to choose an employee (if you enable that setting). You can decide yourself, whether you want your customers to choose or not. These settings can be edited via Settings > Online bookings > Main settings.

Naturally, the booking widget will only show employees that are allowed to perform the service and that are available for the service that the customer chose.

Does the customer choose multiple services for which multiple employees need to be booked? In that case the option to choose an employee disappears. The system then shows availabilities based on a combination of employees. So the client can still book an appointment!

In the last step the customer leaves his/her information. Also for this page there are different options. You can choose to:

  • Ask for the customers birth date 🆕

  • Show a summary of the appointment

  • Show general terms and conditions the client has to accept

  • Show a subscribe option for a newsletter

You can edit these settings in Settings > Online bookings.

As soon as the customer confirms the appointment, a summary will appear.

After booking an appointment your customers will receive a confirmation. We'll also send a mail about the booking to the notification mail of your Salonized account.

3. What's next?

  • Style your own booking widget in your Salonized account. Change the color, the position of the widget on your website (left or right corner) and the size of the button.

  • Try the widget in your own account

  • Add the widget to your website with this help page

Any questions? Please contact our customer service, they will be happy to help!

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