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Creating and sending a newsletter
Creating and sending a newsletter

Learn how to create emails to send to your customer list or to a filtered segment, directly through Salonized.

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Have some news to share with your customers by email? Now you can do it directly from your Salonized account without using any other integration.

📣 The Salonized Premium Marketing Area discussed in this article is part of an additional paid plan (filled with great benefits!) that you can add to your account.

Creating a newsletter

You can create a newsletter by opening the Marketing page in the menu then click on Email and then on the 'Create' button:

Composing the content

Click on Setup the content to start creating your newsletter.

After that, you can upload your logo, image and create the title and message of your custom email. The title and message are mandatory fields to send your newsletter to your customers.

You can also set the color for your newsletter. By default, we will use your booking widget color for the newsletter, but you can adjust it to any other color you like.

Add a discount code

You can send a discount code along with the newsletter that customers can use when booking a treatment in the booking widget. Go to the 'Discount code' section and select an existing code or create a new one. In this article you can read more about this subject.

If you don't use discount codes, you can disable this option through the slider.

Include an action button

Then you can choose to add the Main Button to include an action for your customer, e.g. Make an Appointment.

By default, the button action is "create an appointment" and the button will open your booking widget. This way, your customer can create a new appointment directly from your newsletter.

However, you can also choose to include another link. Therefore, simply select the "another link" option and paste the link you want to include in the link field that will appear.

The footer

Your newsletter will end with the footer. By default, we show your company information in the footer, as well as links to your social media accounts. We get this information from the "Company settings" in the Admin area. Update your information there, if needed. Or, if you don't want to include this information, simply disable the footer.

By default, we will always include the unsubscribe link in the footer. It is not possible to disable this.

Sending the newsletter to customers

All customers will receive the newsletter after you click on the Send button.

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