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Creating appointment confirmations for different services
Creating appointment confirmations for different services

Add extra information to your mails, that will only be sent when certain treatments have been booked

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Generally, you create one type of appointment confirmation in Salonized. This mail will be sent as soon as a customer books an appointment. From now on you can add extra information in the confirmation email per specific service. That information will only be shown in the confirmation mail when this specific service has been booked.

You'll find this new feature in your settings > services. Click on the treatment for which you want to add the extra information.

  • Select 'Additional information via email' on the right side and fill in the necessary information you wish to add.

  • Click Save

  • You need to add the variable {{services_extra_info}} to the appointment confirmation template (and perhaps other email templates). You can go under the communication icon on the right, click on the template you want the info to be shown and add the variable to the template.

  • Remember to click Save when you're finished.

When a customer books a service, the extra information will appear in the mail the customer receives.

Here an example:

Tip: The extra information will be listed below the services in your mail. You can therefore choose to also list the services {{services}} that were booked. This may be helpful for customers who have booked multiple services.

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