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Calendar settings and preferences
Calendar settings and preferences

Learn more about your calendar preferences, color of the appointments, changes by customers, enable email and SMS reminders

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To modify the settings, go to > Settings > Calendar > Calendar.

Your calendar

Slot interval
This sets how big the units will be that divide the agenda. If you don't change this the slot interval is automatically set to 15 min.

Appointment Color

Determine if appointments get a different color per treatment room or per employee. You can make one choice.

Hide employees that are not scheduled for the day

When this feature is enabled, employees who are not scheduled today will not be shown in the day view in the calendar.

Adding end buffer to create a gap between appointments

Create gaps between appointments by placing a time buffer after each appointment, so that appointments do not immediately follow each other.

Share your calendar with external programs

You can share your Salonized agenda to external agendas, like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. By subscribing yourself you have access to your appointments anywhere for example by using your mobile phone.

Changes by customer
Allow customers to cancel their appointments online. When this setting is turned on, we will send your customers a cancel link together with the confirmation email. You decide how many hours in advance they can cancel their appointment, for example at least 24 or 48 hours in advance.

Allow customers to reschedule appointments themselves. You can set how many hours in advance customers can reschedule the appointment, for example at least 0 to 72 hours in advance.

These settings are disabled by default. You can leave both options disabled, enable both options, or enable one of the options.

Enable this setting, and you'll get asked to send a no-show message to your customer if you mark an appointment as no-show in the calendar. This function is automatically disabled.

E-mail reminder

With this setting enabled, you're customers will receive and email to remind them about their appointment. You can choose how many hours before the appointment customers will receive the reminder e-mail.

Send my customers a reminder by text message

You can choose to send your customers a reminder text message. A text message cost 1 credit. Visit the admin dashboard to purchase credits.

Learn more about what SMS credits cost.

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