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Calendar settings and preferences
Calendar settings and preferences

Learn more about your calendar preferences, like how to accept online cancellations and how to send SMS reminders.

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On this page, we explain which settings you can adjust for your calendar and online booking widget.

To modify the settings, go to: Admin > Appointments (left menu) > Appointment settings

Slot interval

This sets how big the units will be that divide the agenda. If your slot interval is set to 15 minutes, your schedule will look like this:

Appointment interval

With this the interval between appointments is determined, so it affects your online booking widget. Example:

Appointment Color

Determine if appointments get a different color per treatment room or per employee. You can make one choice.

Online cancellations

Allow customers to cancel their appointments online. When this setting is turned on, we will send your customers a cancel link together with the confirmation email. You decide how many hours in advance they can cancel their appointment, for example at least 24 or 48 hours in advance.


Enable this setting, and you'll get asked to send a no-show message to your customer if you mark an appointment as no-show in the calendar.

E-mail reminder

With this setting enabled, you're customers will receive and email to remind them about their appointment. You can choose how many hours before the appointment customers will receive the reminder e-mail.

SMS reminder

You can choose to send your customers a reminder text message. A text message cost 1 credit. Visit the admin dashboard to purchase credits.

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