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Personalising the micro-site
Personalising the micro-site

In this article we will explain how you can personalise your micro-site with a titel, image, content and the booking widget

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You can use Salonized's micro-site for free. 🎉 You can personalize this with your own color theme, image, header title, content and widgets such as the booking widget, price list widget and feedback widget.

Click here to see an example of what the micro-site could look like:

You can find the settings of the micro-site in the settings of your account via > Promote > Micro-site.

Let's get you started!

  • In the settings you will be able to add information and select your preferences. Choose a Theme color that matches the corporate identity of your salon.

  • If you leave the Header title box empty, 'Welcome to *your company name*' will automatically appear inhere.

  • Optionally, choose a Header subtitle to add a subtitle.

  • If you leave the header subtitle box empty, no header caption will be displayed on the micro-site.

  • Add a Header image by clicking "Attach file", selecting a different picture from your computer.

  • The home page will always come with a standard stock photo if you do not upload your own image.

  • In the Content box you have the option to add text, such as a description of the company's activities, a slogan or something else. This text will appear below the header image on the micro-site.

  • If you leave the box empty, no content will be displayed.

Installing widgets

  • The booking widget button is automatically placed onto the micro-site, which will appear with a button on every page of the micro-site.

  • You can manage the color of the booking widget separately from your theme color on the Online bookings page in the settings of your account.

  • The feedback widget is automatically placed on the micro-site. You must publish your feedback first before it appears on the micro-site. Do this on the Feedback page in your account.

  • You can select if you would like to show a giftcard widget on your micro-site by selecting the "Show giftcard widget" box. Before selecting this option you must enable an online payment method on the Integration page in your account.

  • The business hours are automatically placed on the micro-site. These are the times you added to your schedule. You can manage your schedule in your account via > Settings > Company > Timetable.

  • The services you have created in Salonized will automatically appear on the micro-site. You can manage your services in your account via > Settings > Calendar > Services.

  • Your contact details will be shown on the bottom of the home page, next to the business hours. You can manage the contact details in your account via > Settings > Company > Company.

  • You can link your micro-site to your existing domain name (if you already have one). Click here to find out how > Use your own domain.

Don't hesitate to contact the Salonized team if you have any further questions, you can always send us a message or call us during business hours!

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