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Use Salonized for appointments and client management
Use Salonized for appointments and client management

You'll always have access to your calendar and client database; at home, on the road and in the salon.

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How nice that you want to start using Salonized to manage your appointments and client information. Salonized's digital calendar connects seamlessly with the digital client file. This not only allows you to schedule appointments very easily, but also allows you to always keep full control over your appointments.


Salonized digital agenda

With Salonized's digital calendar, you can access your appointments whenever and wherever you want. This makes it very easy to change an appointment, reschedule or quickly see what your schedule for tomorrow looks like.

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Digital customer file

All appointments, invoices, notes and reports you create Salonized are automatically linked to the right client. So you always have a client's correct details in front of you within a few clicks. Very handy, because this means you are always well prepared for a client's next visit.

In the digital customer dossier, you will find the following data, among other things:

Invoices: all invoices related to this customer are listed here

Appointments: all appointments are displayed here

Reports: here you can create or retrieve a treatment report

History: this is the treatment history and purchase history, i.e. all services / products with this client in one overview

Manual message: it is also possible to send a manual text message or e-mail message to the customer in addition to automatic messages.


Free trial account

Haven't you created a trial account yet? Do you want to try out Salonized for free? Create your trial account now.

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