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Avoid replies to appointment confirmations 📧
Avoid replies to appointment confirmations 📧

Using a no-reply email address as the sending address of automated messages

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Automatic messages are sent in your salon's name, such as the appointment confirmation. Customers may respond to this, asking if the appointment can be moved to half an hour later. This could potentially be quite annoying since you won't receive it because the message doesn't go anywhere (because it's a no-reply email). You cannot prevent customers from responding to automatic emails. However, there are two other options that prevent customers from responding to the appointment confirmation, among other messages.


A no-reply email address as sender

Via (bottom left icon) Settings > Company you can specify which e-mail address will be shown as the sender of the automatic messages.

You can choose to register a no-reply e-mail address for your business, and fill it in at the contact e-mail address. Such a no-reply is actually purely an email address used as a "deterrent" for the customer to respond to. For example, we at Salonized can create, and use it as the sender of an email. When a recipient then responds to such an email, it does end up in an inbox (namely the inbox of, unless you give that inbox a space of 0.0 memory. Often, from such an e-mail address, an automatic response is set to e-mails sent to a noreply address, such as: Note: this mail will not be read/answered.

So what you could do is create a new email address (something like but then you need your own domain name (like we have This is something that won't work for gmail, hotmail or outlook email accounts.


Include information on rescheduling in appointment confirmation

You can edit the texts in the automatic e-mails yourself. You can do so via (bottom left icon) Settings > Communication.

In your appointment confirmation, you can include information about rescheduling, cancelling or changing appointments.

You could also give customers the option of cancelling the appointment themselves online. You determine the minimum number of hours in advance appointments can be cancelled online. You can read more about it here: online cancellations.

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