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To give you a good impression of Salonized we have created a starter guide with 7 things you should definitely try in your trial account!

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To help you get started in Salonized, we have created a starter guide with 7 things you should definitely try in your trial account!


1. Creating appointments

The Salonized online calendar gives you access to your appointments whenever and wherever you want. This makes it very easy to change an appointment, move it around or quickly see what your schedule for tomorrow looks like, both during working hours and at home.

2. Add your services

What services can customers book with you? Create the services that you offer via Settings > Calendar settings > Services. Below is video to explain how you can add your services.


3. Adjust your opening times

To adjust the opening times for your salon, head to the settings are in Salonized and click on Roster. The video explains a little more about how to set things up.


4. Create your customers

In Salonized you can manage your customer file digitally. All appointments, invoices, notes and reports that you create Salonized are automatically linked to the right customer. This way you always have the correct information of a customer for you within a few clicks.

You add a new customer via the Customers tab. See the video to add customers.

Tip: create yourself as a customer first and use your own private e-mail address. After scheduling the appointment you can directly test the e-mail notifications yourself!


5. Add the booking widget to your website

With the online agenda of Salonized on your own website and / or Facebook page, you give customers the option to schedule an appointment with you online. This saves you phone calls and gives the customer the opportunity to make an appointment outside of your opening times. Very easy for both!

You can find your online agenda via Settings > Online bookings.


6. Edit automatic mail messages

Salonized automatically sends your customers a confirmation and a reminder of the appointment by e-mail. You can fine tune this to your own liking. You may want to add information about the conditions for canceling appointments or you want to add a nice image.

You can adjust the content of the messages via Settings > Company > Communication.


7. Check out an appointment

Salonized offers a cash register system with which you can easily settle agreements with your customers. All invoices that you create are kept for your accounting. In the cash register you select all items that are sold and you can also easily give a discount.


8. Send an automatic feedback message

You can automatically ask your customers for feedback after the appointment. The feedback message will be sent approximately one hour after the appointment ends. With the feedback message you quickly gain insight into your services. Have you received new feedback? Then you can respond quickly and easily via your Salonized account. You can then even publish the feedback on your website πŸ˜„.

You can enable the feedback message via Settings > Customers > Settings.

The feedback itself can be found behind the feedback icon at the top.


Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us via the chat at the bottom right of this page.

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