Salonized Starters Guide 🚀

To give you a good impression of Salonized we have created a starter guide with 7 things you should definitely try in your trial account!

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To kickstart your Salonized experience, explore our starter guide featuring 7 essential trial account tips!


1. Creating appointments

With Salonized's online calendar, your appointments are accessible anytime, anywhere. Effortlessly adjust, reschedule, or check tomorrow's schedule, whether you're at work or home.

Schedule appointments swiftly from your Calendar by tapping the 'Create Appointment' button in the top right corner

2. Add your services

Which services would you like your customers to book with you? Set up your offered services by navigating to Settings > Services.

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3. Adjust your opening times

To modify your salon's opening hours, go to the settings area in Salonized and select 'Timetable'.

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4. Create your customers

With Salonized, you can seamlessly manage your customer files digitally. Every appointment, invoice, note, and report you create is automatically associated with the correct customer, ensuring you have accurate information at your fingertips within seconds.

To add a new customer, simply navigate to the Customers tab. If you already have a file with your customer information, you can also import it.

Tip: create yourself as a customer first and use your own private e-mail address. After scheduling the appointment you can directly test the e-mail notifications yourself!

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5. Add the booking widget to your website

With Salonized's online agenda integrated into your website and/or Facebook page, customers can conveniently schedule appointments with you online. This streamlines your booking process, reduces phone calls, and allows customers to book appointments even outside of your regular opening hours. Very easy for both!

You can find your online booking widget via Settings > Online bookings.

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6. Edit automatic mail messages

Salonized automatically sends your customers email confirmations and reminders for their appointments. You can customize these emails to your preference, whether it's adding information about appointment cancellation policies or including a personalized image to enhance the experience.

You can adjust the content of the messages via the Messages Tab > Email Templates.

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7. Check out an appointment

Salonized offers a cash register system with which you can easily settle agreements with your customers. All invoices that you create are kept for your accounting. In the cash register you select all items that are sold and you can also easily give a discount.

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8. Send an automatic feedback message

Salonized automatically requests feedback from customers after their appointments, sent about an hour afterward. Quickly gain insights into your services and easily respond via your Salonized account. You can even publish feedback on your website!

You can activate the feedback feature by visiting your Settings > Customers

You can access the Feedback section by clicking on the feedback icon in the navigation bar on the left.


Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us via the chat at the bottom right of this page.

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